Morning Fresh Dish washing Liquid – Zesty Lemon 450ml


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Morning Fresh Soap is a good detergent for washing of dishes and other household utensils, office and environment. It has a good fragrance that keeps the dishes refresh. Morning fresh washing soap helps to make utensils clean in just 1 wash. It can be used in cleaning of the house and environments. Keeps the utensils shinning and sparkling white trusted protection to your entire family. Protection from germs in our hands, dishes/ utensils to refresh. It gently cleanses for a hygienic clean that leaves it with a healthy and refreshed variants. Your guide to germs, illnesses and how to protect you and your family from them.You pick up several germs and quite some dirt on your utensils the rainy season. The best hygienic practice to follow during the season is to shower in warm water when you return home. Wash your cloths with detergent, clean your home and shower with other of our products, wash your hands and feet thoroughly with warm water infused with antiseptic liquid for the best results. our footwear or cloths to smell bad before you wash it – give it a good scrub every two days to remove trapped dirt, mould and other impurities.

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Morning Fresh Dish washing Liquid - Zesty Lemon 450ml


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