To amend your order (add or remove items) simply sign into your account, and head to the ‘My Orders’ section within ‘My Account’. You will be able to choose the ‘Amend my order’ option against orders still available to be amended. Once you select the ‘Amend my Order’ option your cart will be populated with the items form your order so you can make your changes, After this (even if you make no changes) YOU MUST resubmit your order through checkout, or your order will be cancelled and refunded. Once successfully resubmitted, you’ll receive email confirmation and it will be updated in ‘My Orders’.

Please note, that you may lose your chosen delivery or Pick up window if you don’t resubmit your order by the following times:

Same day windows: 10.30am that day
Next day windows: by 5.30pm the day prior for morning orders, or 10.30pm the day prior for evening orders

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